second baptist media

Newly renovated church, April 2011

The history of this church has been kept over the years by those who realized the importance of a written record to help in the development and growth of this important body.  These written records serve as a blueprint for guiding us as we move forward.

As Maya Angelou put its, “History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.”

Sister Encie Armstead and Dr. Vincent Blake served as historians for many years. Information from many sources was gathered when preparations were in motion for the celebration of the one hundred fifth year of the building of our church.  Members who could remember events during their times of service included:  Sister Gladys Austin, Trustee Alexander Curtis, Sister Mattie Keck, Sister Gail Randolph and Sister Patrician Tolson.  This information was assembled by Sister Monica Green and Dr. Cecelia Evans.  The most current part of the history beginning after 2006 has been gathered and assembled by Dr. Cecelia Evans.  Dr. Evans became a member of Second Baptist in 2000, this was the year that she wrote Appointed to Tell and a year later Appointed to Tell More.

The following chapters tell the story of Second Baptist Church of Media, Pennsylvania.

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